Adzvice for You Presents: Let's Talk

Let's Talk (#AdzviceLetsTalk) provides a safe, comfortable and open space to unleash the thoughts we often keep bottled up.

Whatever's on your mind, Let's Talk.

Let's Talk: Mental Health - How Are You REALLY Doing (Women's Event) // 09.07.18

We focused on the all-important subject of Mental Health and provided a safe, comfortable and open space for women to talk openly about their anxiety, depression and coping with stress.

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Let's Talk: Getting on the Property Ladder // 06.06.18

In collaboration with Huuti, we created an evening to connect curious, hopeful and prospective first-time buyers. Together, we busted myths and provided clarity on what was needed to get on the property ladder.

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Let's Talk: Money, Power & Respect (Men's Event) // 04.04.18

In partnership with One Pound Something, we challenged the assumptions around money, power and respect and helped each other plan our 2018 financial goals.

Let's Talk: About Success (Men's Event) // 07.02.18

An evening of honest discussions about success, networking and good vibes - exclusively for men

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Let's Talk: Understanding the Other Side // 11.12.17

Following the first two separate sessions for men and women, we attempted to understand the other side a little better by coming together.

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Let's Talk: Women's Session // 09.11.17

Our guests came together to share their views, feelings and personal experiences on mental health from a female perspective.

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Let's Talk: Men's Session // 08.11.17

"Men don't talk about their feelings" is a statement we wanted to challenge in our debut session where we spoke candidly about mental health.

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