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Thinking of a UK Getaway? | Here's a Guide to Cornwall

Thinking of a UK Getaway? | Here's a Guide to Cornwall

Contributed by @JFrimpong_

Provided you are blessed with good weather, England isn’t too shabby! Filled with some amazing scenery, believe me when I say that there is more to England than London. I went to Cornwall last summer, during one of the hottest weekends of the year and it was beautiful. Alongside travelling abroad, I have made it one of my goals, over the next two years, to visit as many places within the UK as possible.

There are so many hidden gems outside of London worth seeing way cheaper than an international break! Back to Cornwall! Located in South West England, Cornwall is hands down, once of the nicest places I have been to in the UK. I have whittled down my experience into three categories and have some recommendations for those of you that wish to whisk off to Cornwall!

1. Sights in Cornwall

Make the most of your weekend break and visit the sights in and around St. Ives! I would recommend the following:

St. Ives Beach

You cannot go to one of the nicest areas in England and not visit the beach. Hopefully you are working on your summer body and you can take some Baywatch-esque snaps! Check out Eni’s posts here on Adzvice for some amazing fitness tips that will hopefully get your body looking nice and tight!


St. Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount is a rocky island protected by the National Trust. With a medieval castle on the highest point of the land, the views from the top are simply amazing!


The Cornish Seal Sanctuary

As a rescue and rehabilitation for seals on the South East coast of England, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary house injured and orphaned seals and aim to release them out into the wild once upon full recovery. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and fields, a day trip to the Seal Sanctuary is perfect on a warm day! Here, you will be able to see seals, sea lions, penguins and many more.


2. Accommodation in Cornwall

I stayed at my friend’s family holiday house which was obviously cheaper than an actual hotel; however there are some beautiful hotels over-looking the beach – the views in summer are honestly amazing! St Ives Harbour Hotel and Spa was not too far from where I stayed, I can only imagine the view from the top balcony of the hotel! If I was to go to Cornwall again for a weekend getaway, this would be my hotel pick (just for the view and the spa!)


3. Food & Drinks in Cornwall

You cannot visit Cornwall and leave without having a traditional Cornish pasty, Cornish ice-cream, fresh seafood and amazing cider! As a serious foodie, I will eat and drink near enough anything just to say I tried it! My favourite restaurant there has to be The Rum & Crab Shack. Located right by the seafront, overlooking the beach, it does take you away from reality for the duration of your meal! With seafood sourced locally, alongside real ales and cider (I would recommend the Lyoness cider!), you are in for a hearty meal!


I would recommend Cornwall, particularly St Ives (in good weather) for a quick weekend getaway in the UK! Hire a car, stick a Future album on and enjoy the drive with good company –certainly what I did.

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