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Top 5 SEO Tips #ForBloggers

Top 5 SEO Tips #ForBloggers

Contributed by @BonitaRS_

As writers we are all passionate about our content, we spend time planning, writing and editing content. When it's finally ready for the world, we hit publish and shout about it on social media from the rooftops. 

But what happens after we stop tweeting about it? 

If you are a new blogger or want to drive more traffic to your blog then this post is for you. You can also check out my #ForBloggers series where I give you tips on everything from driving traffic to monetising your content. (Search the hashtag on twitter to see all my posts and more tips) 

I gave a workshop on SEO #ForBloggers at the #AdzviceLinkUp a couple of weeks ago and will be doing the same at our next event. So follow @Adzvice so you don't miss out!

Without further ado - Here are my 5 top SEO tips for bloggers! 

1. Create content that is useful

I say this to bloggers every single day! Before you hit publish on a post ask yourself

'Would I read this?' 

When people read blog posts they do it with the intention of taking something away from it or learning something new. When you think about the content you want to create think about what people might take away.

2. Upload Regularly

I said it at the Adzvice Link Up. Make sure you are creating content that is fresh and unique to your blog. The more content you put out, the more search engines are going to crawl your site giving you more opportunity to rank higher in the search engine results page. This also keeps your blog relevant to your readers, people will constantly come back to your site if they know you upload regularly.   

3. Research Keywords

The point of keyword research is to understand what people are searching for around the topic you're about to write a post about. 

E.g; I'm writing a post about money advice so I would research what type of terms people are searching on google about money. 

Here's what Google Adwords tells me: 


So when I start planning my post I will know that Tips for saving money get's 3600 searches per day on google but it might be worth calling my post 'How to save money' because that gets a lot more meaning more people are likely to come across my content.

4. Internal Linking

Strong internal linking is important when writing your blog post, not only does it help with SEO but it also increases audience retention and gives visibility to the rest of your content. It's a win - win and pretty simple. 

So when I'm writing my money advice post I might link to one or two other relevant posts on my blog for you to be able to click through and read. (Make sure the text is a hyperlink, as opposed to just putting the link randomly in your post' 

Just like this Read: How to get better at managing debt

5. Use H1 tags (Headings)

A H1 tag is basically a subheading, when Google crawls your site they easily identify what your blog is all about from your blog titles and subheadings. 

When you are writing your blog post. use subheadings (just like I have done in this post) not only does this boost your SEO rank but your readers will thank you for it. 

SEO isn't just about ranking higher in search engine results page but its all about making the user experience great, increasing reader retention and making people want to share your content. 

A lot of people struggle with the thought of SEO so hopefully these tips will help you get started with improving visibility of your content.

I'd like to know - What is your biggest blogging struggle?

Bonita x

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