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3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

Contributed by Abi H McKay

There are people who have dedicated their professional lives to discovering the secrets of successful people. And although there are variations in all of their findings, the impact of reading remains a common denominator amongst highly influential people.

While I am an academic (and proud), so much of what I have learned has occurred outside of the classroom or lecture hall.

So, here are three reasons why the most successful people read.

1. Read to learn how the pros did it

75% of self-made millionaires report reading a minimum of 2 books per month. Why? Successful people learn from other successful people. So, reading a book written by the guru of your profession is like being mentored by that guru. Regardless of the field, self-development and biographies are full of advice, ideas and lessons from the pros! This is the quickest way for you to learn about and therefore foster the mind-set and habits needed to further your own career.

You’ll never find a cheaper mentor.

3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

2. Read for motivation

‘How to stay motivated’ is one of the most Googled phrases of the last 5 years. For some of us it’s a weekly or even daily struggle; we know what our goals are but sometimes, the daily grind blurs our path.

How can reading help? I hear you ask.

Read to refocus.

Read to connect with your vision.

Read to find your ‘why’ or to reconnect with it.

Read to take action.

Again, the most successful people include reading in their morning routine for this exact reason: a motivational top up to apply daily.

3. Read for relaxation

Even the most successful people need to tune out sometimes. Being a millennial is not easy. The rat race can weigh you down and daily routines are sometimes too much. Take some time out and escape into another world through the eyes of your novel’s hero (or villain). Who cares about what your colleague said, that diary clash or why your train is late when you are trying to predict if Katniss will ever escape the Hunger Games? Like mindfulness, reading reduces stress levels, blood pressure and your heart rate.

No one is judging when you’re relaxing so pick up, a trashy magazine, comic or whatever makes you happy; and drift off in to your own ‘booktopia’. My guilty reading pleasures are definitely Young Adult fiction books. You know, the type where the ending is glaringly obvious from the first line but you still read on.

Reading just about anything is likely to be more mentally beneficial than binge-watching Netflix.

3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

Final thoughts

So if you’re a new reader, I challenge you to read just 10 pages a day, that’s roughly a 15-minute self-investment into becoming a better you. Keep it up and you will have read roughly 18 books by this time next year.

Knowledge holds compound interest and never loses value.

Remember: learning starts outside of the classroom. Make your own curriculum. I have always loved reading but, of late, the books I enjoy the most do not appear on the school curriculum (I’ve checked!). Maybe they should…but that's another post in its self. The point is, I read for different reasons now. I read for success and you should too. I’m off to read my ten pages.

By Abi H McKay


3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

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