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Feeling Frustrated at Work? Here Are 5 Things to Remember

You have a job but it isn't stimulating you. You don't just hate Mondays, you hate the whole damn work week. You've contemplated taking up smoking just to earn more breaks away from your desk. Many of us have been there, in fact, the fact that you're reading this article would mean there's a good chance you're in this very position now. If anyone would know what this feels like, it's myself. 

From my own experience, here are 5 things to remember when you're feeling frustrated at work.

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5 Tips and Tricks for Introverts to Excel in a Job Interview

Job interviews are a daunting experience for most, but especially for introverts. Having to sell your skills to a stranger is challenging, especially if the stakes are high. However, if you’re a bold introvert who’s hugely ambitious you won’t let your personality trait stop you from achieving your goals! 

So, don’t worry about stumbling over your words, or long pauses between sentences, this blog post will equip you with the tools to help you excel in your next job interview. The introverted way.

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