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How to Guide | Surviving Your Group Holiday

So after much trepidation, my friend just boarded a plane en-route to Barcelona on a holiday with a mixed group of 8 people, some of whom she knows well, others she doesn’t. Some of you might be like my friend above, with plans to go on more holidays this year, and you're considering trips with a group but not sure how you’d get through it! Fear not, here are 5 simple pointers to surviving your group holidays this year.

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4 Ways to Invest Your Money & Factors to Consider

Everyone’s attitude differs towards investments. If you are like me you’d get excited at the opportunity for a ticket to financial freedom as you effectively send your money to the gym. But perhaps you’re more reluctant to put your money into a “scheme” which may cause it to vanish overnight or maybe you’re unsure on how to invest and what it truly means to be an investor.

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