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From a Mother: 4 Ways to Help Integrate Your Family and Work Life

So I came across an opinion article titled ‘my generation has to choose between a child or a career. We can’t afford both’. This resonated with me so much as a parent as its is a day-to-day battle trying to balance these two vital parts of my life. The article really put things into perspective, but I was not going to let it discourage me as I felt it would for some. And it was Tony Robbins who said it clearly, that there is no such thing as a home and work life balance. There is only work-life integration. You cannot separate the two, or they will both suffer. No-one said it would be easy, but one thing I hope I can assure you is that it is not impossible!

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Maintaining Your Motivation | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

It's not every day I hop on to someone else's blog post but that just goes to show how passionate I am about this particular topic. This post has inspired Adzvice for Entrepreneurs, a series of content produced by young entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic world of business on their own and are kind enough to share their experiences, words of encouragement and insight along the way.

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