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From the Pod: Lifting the Lid on Entrepreneurship (Ep. 051)

On episode 051 of the Adzvice Podcast, we were joined by not one but two epic entrepreneurs who are both young, Black and incredible: Urenna Okonkwo and Bola Awoniyi. We covered a lot of ground in the episode that budding entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike will surely take a lot from. In line with the theme of this season, they both made sure they spoke candidly and at length.

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From the Pod: Return of the Adzvice Podcast (ep. 050)

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve published a blog post and for good reason, or at least I would like to think it’s for good reason anyway. It seems nowadays, there are a lot more engaging and attractive ways to produce content. One of those mediums is of course podcasts which is why over the last year, Bonita and I have decided to shift our focus on building the best Adzvice Podcast possible. Earlier this month, we relaunched the podcast and made some changes to the way we create episodes on and off the mic. Not only do we now record in seasons with breaks in between but we’ve also made investments to improve the audio experience.

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