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How to Survive a Quarter Life Crisis | the 7 Part Adzvice Prescription

How to Survive a Quarter Life Crisis | the 7 Part Adzvice Prescription

Contributed by: (@ImAdeAkins)


I, like many twenty-something year olds suffer from a bad case of Quarter Life Crisis. For the record, I own no medical diplomas, didn't study medicine at school and quite frankly I have 0 qualifications that would justify me giving out a diagnosis. This all being true, I have still managed to self-diagnose myself as a sufferer. We know a lot about mid-life crisis and have accepted it as a real thing. In today's rapidly evolving world, we often overlook the new pressures kids born in the late 80's-90's now face.

Like all of my late-night, internal debates I turned to Facebook to ask the question that led to this blog:


Despite a few chuckles and comments that made me question myself, I did receive a lot of social validation that what I was experiencing was indeed a real thing. Moreover, it was something others appeared to have experienced. Not satisfied with approval from friends, I carried out a few quick searches and summarised my findings below.


Feelings of doubt and anxiety experienced by people in their early to mid twenties regarding the direction their life.


  • Not sure what you're doing with your life
  • No longer happy in your job
  • Fears you'll never afford to buy a house (or a large shoebox if you live in London)
  • A growing desire to work for yourself
  • Wanting to flip your manager the bird and becoming a free spirit

The list goes on and the further you go through it, the more symptoms appear that all start to resonate.


The million dollar question on your mind right now is probably how can you get through this? Although I am nowhere near healed of my Quarter Life Crisis, I've created a 7 Part Adzvice Prescription to point you in the right direction:

1. Take it easy

First thing's first, chill out. If you're currently experiencing a Quarter Life Crisis know you're not the only one.


2. Travel

I often find a change of scenery allows you to clear your head and give things a fresh perspective. It doesn't need to be far or an expensive journey, just get out of your current environment.


3. Communicate

Talk to people. You'll be amazed how many people can relate to what you're going through. Be careful on whose advice you take though, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.


4. Change your perception

Use the anxiety and feeling of un-conformability to do something about it. See it as something to overcome and not weigh you down-having a Quarter Life Crisis doesn't have to be seen as a negative. Regard it as the first day on a new journey- your awakening.


5. Read more

Opening your mind either to the field/idea you want to explore more is a great way to get more information which could help. Alternatively, you may just want a general book to focus your mind elsewhere for a while. You will thank yourself later for it, a good read can be very therapeutic.

6. Look after yourself

In these types of situations it's all too tempting to go a bit crazy. Remember to get enough sleep, eat right and exercise to make sure you're mind, body and soul are in the right place.

7. Listen to @JameliaObsessed and I discuss her own Quarter Life Crisis struggle in the Adzvice podcast episode 1

Final thoughts on Quarter Life Crisis

There's so much to say on this concept that a blog alone couldn't do it justice. Check out the first ever episode of the Adzvice podcast where fellow Adzvice contributor Jamelia who had a lot to say and even more tips! She discusses how her own Quarter Life Crisis set the foundation for her rapidly-growing startup Treasure Tress.

You should also listen to episode 4 which is a follow up to this one where Jamelia returns to discuss the concept of 'flow' and gives tips on finding your purpose (below).

I'm sure you will enjoy them and hopefully find very useful. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast, share and keep the conversation going.

Ade Akins (@ImAdeAkins)

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