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Setting 2017 Goals | 3 Tips to Prevent You From Falling Off

Setting 2017 Goals | 3 Tips to Prevent You From Falling Off

Contributed by: @MDeeSimz

So it’s that time of the year again where people make new goals and resolutions. Things that people aim to change or upgrade about themselves in the new year. More often than not, we see these goals fall apart by the beginning of February; at most perhaps March. From my last post, The Importance of Being Alone, I’m sure you can already pick up on the fact that I’m a big fan of self-reviewing. Over the past couple of days, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. How exactly has my 2016 gone?

I did not make a huge list of resolutions for 2016 funnily enough; because I’m definitely a list maker. Instead, I made one simple resolution.

To take more risks and step outside of my comfort zone.

I definitely did that. I dyed my extensions red, tweeted my thoughts rather than re-tweeting everyone else’s and started conversations rather than waiting for someone to talk to me. There’s more but right now, those are the three examples that spring to mind. I’m pretty sure you were thinking I climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or perhaps shaved my hair off but for a conservative like me, trust me, the risks I took were massive for me.

Everyone obviously has their own mechanisms by which they achieve their goals and resolutions but here are just three tips I used last year and plan to use this year in order to ensure I reach my goals for 2017.

1. Have an Accountability Partner

This phrase is often seen or heard in churches but I think it can be applied in the non-spiritual sense as well. An accountability Partner is someone who you trust and admire and can hold yourself accountable to so that on days where you find yourself feeling lazy in achieving your goals, you have this partner to tell you off and push you. This has proved incredibly helpful to me over the past year and a little. On days where I have felt like my comfort zone should be my comfort zone for forever and ever, my A.C has pushed me. Just a small tip; it always helps if your A.C is someone that is good at pushing you. Don’t go and find someone who, at the first utterance of you saying ‘no, I don’t want to do that’, immediately backs down and lets you have your space. They have to be your cheerleader but also the annoying voice at the back of your head.

2. Make Mini Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ancient saying; ‘Rome was not built in a day’. No? Well, let’s make it modern by saying: ‘Apple started at the back of someone’s garage’. That’s better right? Great! ☺ Big goals are all well and good. Being ambitious is a greatly admirable trait. However, neither are admirable when there is no progression to achieve those mighty ambitions. Now, I’m not saying don’t make goals such as wanting to have your own company by so and so. I’m saying, don’t make unrealistic and unattainable goals because if you don’t reach those goals by the time you say you want to, the person that’ll be the most livid about the situation will be you. You want to write a book over the next year? Have the story line ready by January 2017, complete half the book by June 2017, finish the editing by August 2018 etc.

One of the reasons people give up on their resolutions a few weeks into the new year is because their goal seems so far away that they just cannot be bothered anymore. Why start when the end seems too far? However, if you’re making mini goals, you’re more likely to combat that mentality as those mini goals won’t seem as far as the end goal. Once you see yourself completing those mini goals as the year keeps rolling by, your motivation will definitely increase.

3. Self-Review Regularly

Last but not least: Self-Review Regularly. I cannot emphasise enough how important self-reviewing is and I’m sure from my last post, you guys already know how big I am on self-reviewing. The previous two points can be enhanced through reviewing yourself and your efforts on a regular basis. An accountability partner works extra well when you can tell them what it is you’re doing well and what you know you can do better.

Moreover, the added benefit of having an accountability partner is that you have another person, whose opinions you trust and value, giving you an extra perspective on your efforts. This gives you more opportunity to make changes and keep going. There will be times when you’re venturing out into the new year that you’ll fall back on your goals of for example, the three applications you wanted to complete every month. It’s during those times that you’ll have to do some extra reviewing and ask yourself: why aren’t I reaching my goal? Do I need to maybe complete applications at work rather than at home? Do I need to wake up two hours earlier in order to get these applications done or perhaps sleep two hours later? Will I have to start drinking coffee to help my energy levels? Also, because you’ll be doing this whilst completing your mini goals, progression to the next mini goal will be more likely as you’ll know exactly what it is you’re doing well and need to keep doing to make it to your ultimate goal. By the time you do this every month, especially with your accountability partner, you will definitely start seeing a change.

In Conclusion...

These three points are all well and good, but if you’re not making goals about the things you have passion and heart for, none of these points will matter. I’ll personally be building on last year’s resolution as I’m aiming to be more open-minded about my future and to be more consistent with my attitude towards things. I’ll let you know how I get on. But until then, Happy New Year and have a fabulous January.

S x

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