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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Contributed by: @BonitaRochelle

I know for a fact a lot of us don’t take enough time out of our day to day’s to really check in with ourselves and generally take care of us.

We all lead busy lives, we all have people or things we feel responsible for which probably take up most of our time, we form relationships where we are constantly consumed about what the other person wants or needs.

When do we actually sit down and ask the question ‘How am I feeling today?’

I believe self-care is important in leading a happy and healthy life, not just in terms of your body but also in terms of your mental.

Here are five ways you can start practising taking care of you today…

Get Active

Any type of exercise including walking triggers signals to the brain which create endorphins. According to various studies endorphins increase feelings of happiness and can be effective in treating pain, alcoholism and depression. Find an activity that works for you and bring a friend along. Guaranteed you’ll feel better for it and your body will thank you.


Let’s be really honest, we all spend too much time on our phones. Social media plays a heavy part in our lives and we rarely ever switch off. I know from time to time you find yourself just going back and forth between social media apps even when there is nothing new to see. We have all done it.

Why not take one hour out of your day (Before bed is best) and turn your phone off (or do not disturb if you can’t fathom the thought) Read a book, have a relaxing bath, write a journal – Just something where you can check in with your own thoughts, gather and find some peace of mind away from the façade of social media.

Be Mindful of What you Consume

I’m not just talking about food here. Although it plays a big part in taking care of your vessel. Be mindful about the food you eat, too much junk will cause you to feel crap about yourself but also be mindful about the people you listen to and the content you read. Consuming too much negativity will cause you reciprocate that emotion, try and keep yourself in a positive light.

Pamper yourself

Sometimes the last thing we have time for is really pampering ourselves, when was the last time you lit some candles, had a relaxation session and took the time to groom yourself. Why not clear your schedule for the evening and try it?

Remember you don’t have to be everywhere with everyone, all the time. One evening say no, not because you have other things to do but because sometimes you need nothing to do.

Practice Meditation

I’m not saying you need to disregard your religious practices to do this, you don’t. Meditation is a good habit to have, it increases peacefulness, reduces stress and increases happiness. There’s nothing fancy about mediating, if you’ve never done it before simply sit for two minutes first thing in the morning, gather your thoughts, give yourself time to breathe. It may sound silly reading this but try and you’ll realise the benefits.

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Why not try and do at least one of these things today and start taking care of you? What are your top tips for self-care?




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