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Maintaining Your Motivation | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

Maintaining Your Motivation | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

Introduction to Adzvice for Entrepreneurs from Adé Akins, founder of Adzvice

It's not every day I hop on to someone else's blog post but that just goes to show how passionate I am about this particular topic. This post has inspired Adzvice for Entrepreneurs, a series of content produced by young entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic world of business on their own and are kind enough to share their experiences, words of encouragement and insight along the way.

To kick the series off, we have Jamelia Donaldson, the first ever and now a regular guest on the ADZVICE podcast  (make sure you listen to Ep. 1 Quarter Life Crisis), sharing some tips on maintaining your motivation, a very fitting post to begin. Jamelia is the founder of TreasureTress, the monthly product discovery box for women and girls with kinky, curly hair.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section and if you're an entrepreneur with some #TipsWorthSharing too, get in touch via the contact page. Blessings!

Now back to the scheduled programme...

Maintaining Your Motivation | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

Contributed by Jamelia Donaldson

1. Find your why - remember why you started


Sometimes what you do want and what you do not want can be equally as powerful.

For me, I created TreasureTress because I was exhausted with the product purchasing experience for Black Women, the lack of representation of the diversity of our hair and beauty, and the restricted access to quality products. I wanted my niece to grow up in a world where she saw herself reflected and catered for.

Equally, I was absolutely terrified of living an average life. Working an average 9-5 not because I loved it, simply because I felt I needed to and there was no other option. I was terrified of my life coming to an end, and me looking back and having to answer exactly why I did not follow my passion or use the gift I was given.

What excites you and equally what scares you can both become extremely powerful forces, the thought of going backwards keeps me pushing to move forwards. 10 years from now, would you be satisfied with yourself if you gave up on an idea you have? Or on the flip side if you didn't give yourself a try in the first place?

2. Create your own daily dose of motivation

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
- Zig Ziglar

Motivation is not something you wake up with every day. You have to make the conscious effort to be motivated and in order to do so, you need to know which method works for you.

A Les Brown YouTube video a day used to keep me pushing forward while working my 9-5 to have the energy to wake up before work and stay up after work to create the foundation of TreasureTress. Today I rely more heavily on podcasts and books.

Find out which method works for you and stick to it. I repeat, stick to it. Don’t get cocky and think “yes I am motivated now I don't need this anymore” keep doing what works!

3. Surround yourself only with people who lift you higher

"Remember the vision. Even when others don't see it, even when others don't get it, and even when you feel like you are not supported. Stay true to bringing your dreams and desires to fruition. Nothing is out of your reach, but you do need to keep a space that is free of judgement, negativity and draining energy. It's easy for us to lose ourselves in the opinions of others. Be mindful that you deserve to flourish in a life of happiness, joy and abundance. Remain grounded, keep moving forward and journey freely."
- Alex Elle

There is always a reason and a season for relationships including friendships. Many relationships have an expiry date and also have a particular purpose to serve.

Examine why you allow particular people within your life. What do they add to it? Do they push you to move forward? Is their negativity holding you back and causing you to doubt yourself? Or are they simply there for a good time? If they’re there for a good time, brilliant at least you know that your interactions should be limited to causes for celebrations. If they’re negative, eliminate the bad apple as soon as you can.

The people you need to interact with on a day to day are highly driven people, with positively developed mindsets that can keep you in check. If you can’t find them in real life just yet, find them online and drown yourself in their content. Alex Elle is one of my favourite friends (in my head) her way with words speaks to my soul and honestly gets me right back on track.

4. Take a break alone

You’re ultimately in this game alone, especially if entrepreneurship is the game you choose to play with this lifetime.

Speaking from experience, the very worse thing you can do as an entrepreneur is burn out! Burning out can result in a complete loss of motivation, direction and energy. Take regular breaks from work: gym, meditation and spending time with my nieces work well for me.

Also, take prolonged breaks - taking trips alone are one of my favourite things to do. Rid yourself of distractions of other people, the noise of other people and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how focused your thoughts can become and an increase in energy and therefore motivation.


We do not realise how much energy we invest in others, or allow others to extract from us, and we leave ourselves with the bare minimum/scraps and expect to have the energy to build an empire - it is not going to happen.

Prioritise yourself, your space, your energy, your goals/dreams and motivation will follow.

5. Realise you're in this alone and no-one is going to do this for you


If all the above fails, then you have to be frank and honest with yourself and realise that this alone is your dream, no-one else’s.

Even when you build a team, no-one will be as passionate about the cause as you are. For that reason alone you have the responsibility to put on your big girl (or guy) boots and get on with it. Get out of your head, stop feeling sorry for yourself and hustle!



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