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For Entrepreneurs: How to Use the Business Model Canvas

One pitfall many entrepreneurs fall into when they pursue an idea is rushing straight into a business plan. This was certainly one of my biggest mistakes during my start-up. The problem is you spend so much time indoors perfecting your plan thinking it’s the best but fail to engage with your customers early on. In this post, I am going to share with you an amazing tool called the Business Model Canvas and how you should use it.

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3 Essential Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Download | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

We have all heard "Your network is your net worth" and rightfully so. Thus, people are invaluable assets at every stage of your personal journey. It is important to be surrounded by individuals who will provide adequate and specific guidance, insight and motivation tailored to your needs. 

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Maintaining Your Motivation | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

It's not every day I hop on to someone else's blog post but that just goes to show how passionate I am about this particular topic. This post has inspired Adzvice for Entrepreneurs, a series of content produced by young entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic world of business on their own and are kind enough to share their experiences, words of encouragement and insight along the way.

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