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The Ultimate Travel Blog for Visiting Budapest | Pt 2: Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

The Ultimate Travel Blog for Visiting Budapest | Pt 2: Eating, Drinking & Nightlife

Contributed by: @ImAdeAkins

Assuming you've covered off Pt 1 of the Ultimate Travel Blog for Visiting Budapest it's now time for some Adzvice on what to do when you get hungry in Hungary (couldn't resist). You'll love Budapest's gastro scene and as the currency is weaker than the pound (albeit lesser so now thanks to Brexit), you will quickly appreciate the amazing value. Don't sleep on the drinks scene either, from casual pubs to lush cocktail bars, Budapest has something to whet your whistle, and then some.

Szimpla Kert

Budapest is famous for its 'ruins bars' and none are famed more than Szimpla Kert (voted #1 out of 144 for nightlife on Trip Advisor). Ruins bars are located in buildings damaged after WW2 and due to lack of funds, were derelict until someone came up with the bright idea to convert these into very cool bars. At first glimpse, they appear to be in terrible conditions which make them so quirky but believe me, these are the spots to go! You can drink in random objects and locations such as old cars, train carriages and even bath tubs.


For a full list of the best ruin bars in Budapest, click here

Great Market Hall (Food Market)

#FoodADZVICE: Hungarians cook with the l-word and no, I do not mean love but rather lard. The local food is extraordinarily calorific (and tasty) so any dieters be warned this could potentially be an extended cheat day.

Boutiq Bar

Widely-praised and highly rated cocktail bar will not disappoint. The service, cocktails and overall atmosphere is up there with the best I've ever experienced- so good I had to go twice during my last trip.


Buddha Bar

This is also a luxury hotel but I was only there for the amazing food!


Spiler Bistro Pub

Open pretty much around the clock and gets pretty busy but I popped in for breakfast. This place was also recommended as a good night time destination.


360 Bar

Great views, tasty food and the cocktails were on point! You need a table to enjoy the bar (and because they only take orders from tables) so go a bit early! They make the best Quesadillas and this coming from a non-fan of Mexican food.


Warm Up Cocktail Bar

There are no menus here, the cocktails are made from customer's taste preferences. Beautifully crafted cocktails but be warned, cocktails can cost the equivalent of £10 - that's really steep for Budapest! Still, I really recommend checking this place out.




A traditional fruit brandy drank in Hungary.

#DrinksADZVICE: It's worth mentioning that tap water in Budapest is completely safe and is mineral rich, thanks to Hungary's geographical location. There are fountains around some of the more touristy parts so keep an empty bottle to stay hydrated for free.


Hungary's equivalent to Jagermeister. Tastes as bad as it sounds but it's HUGE in it's native land.

Budapest has several native dishes it's famous for, the most widely known one is Goulash, a type of stew. Forget what you've tasted before, you haven't had a good goulash until you've had it in Budapest.


Hungary's version of pizza but this one goes heavy with garlic and sour cream. I'd advise you to try it if this sounds appealing  but the taste wasn't quite for me.


There's literally tonnes of places to grab good food and drinks at in Budapest and as such, I couldn't review them all. Here's a list of places recommended by the same Hungarian colleague, I mentioned in pt.1 - who better than a local to trust?

Budapest has 4 Michelin star restaurants! If your budget will allow it, why not check one of these out:


After eating and drinking your way through Budapest, you're probably going to need a nap. Once refreshed, it's time to hit the town. Below is a couple of options to look into in terms of nightlife. It's also worth mentioning that some of the bars mentioned above like 360 Bar, Szimpla Kert & Spiler are also good for checking out at night.

Corvin Club & Roof Terrace

A rooftop bar similar to the one of top of Peckham's Bussey Building or Frank's. It was here that I tried the Unicum (that will forever make me cringe saying that).

Peaches 'n' Cream

The best place for RnB/Hip Hop all night from what I'm told.  I didn't know about it until too late on my first time in Budapest and it was closed on during my last visit so if you do go, be sure to let me know how it is. I believe it's only open on Saturdays but I may be mistaken.



It is certainly a city worth visiting in the summer. From its tasty treats to amazing architecture theres's so much to experience. It's one of my default choices for anyone in need of a short trip that won't burn a whole in their savings. I don't have a bad thing to say about this city other than their over dependence on garlic and sour cream could be toned down a notch 😚. Jokes aside, if you have't considered Budapest before, hopefully the Ultimate Travel Blog for Visiting has changed that. Do make sure to let me know how you get on, use '#ADZVICE' and tag us on social media.

Until the next time chaps!


Ade Akins (@ImAdeAkins)

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