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Start the Day Right | 5 Tips to Boost Your Mood for the Day

Start the Day Right | 5 Tips to Boost Your Mood for the Day

Contributed by: @sporadicunicorn

In the first few minutes after you wake up, your attitude sets the precedent for the rest of the day.Have you ever noticed that things continuously go wrong when you are in a bad mood?Negative moods generate negative experiences.It is so much harder to flip a bad mood, than start off with the right one. To start the day right, and boost your mood, ‘Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.’

I have 5 tips to integrate into your morning routine, to ensure your attitude is the best it can be, before you leave the house in the morning.

1. Be Thankful

As soon as you open your eyes, instead of checking your phone or email account, take a moment to thank God/the Universe for three things.You could be thankful for opening your eyes, another day or a good nights sleep; anything.You will find it difficult to be negative whilst you are practising gratitude.The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne, is a great book to pick up before you get out of bed.One page a day will make a big impact on your life.

2. Positive Affirmations

After you get out of bed, recite some positive affirmations aloud as you go about getting ready.I like to say ‘it’s going to be a great day’ as I put my make-up on in the mirror.If you want your day to be great, you have to believe it!

3. Smile!

Whether you feel like it or not, putting a smile on your face will lift your mood.Ever heard the saying ‘fake it ‘till you make it’?This is a perfect example of that.When the smile forms on your face, if good memories do not come to your mind to keep it there, you will most likely end up laughing from feeling so stupid at smiling for no reason! Mission accomplished.

4. Take 10 minutes

The morning rush can leave us feeling stressed, so take the time to just sit and be.During those ten minutes you can make a list of the things you need to do for the day, or maybe just write some positive affirmations in your diary.All that matters is that you take some time out of your rush to prepare for greatness.

5. Put your favourite music on

Choose your favourite record or playlist and leave it on whilst you get ready.Music is good for the soul.Select something that you can sing along and dance to, to put you in a good mood.I usually open Spotify on my phone, and take it round the house with me whilst I am busy getting ready.

Habits take time to develop so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to do all of these things every morning.Try picking one tip and embracing it for a week, then incorporate the others at the same rate.

What tips do you have to help start the day right, and boost your mood?

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