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From the Pod: Return of the Adzvice Podcast (ep. 050)

Written by Ade Akins

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve published a blog post and for good reason, or at least I would like to think it’s for good reason anyway. It seems nowadays, there are a lot more engaging and attractive ways to produce content. One of those mediums is of course podcasts which is why over the last year, Bonita and I have decided to shift our focus on building the best Adzvice Podcast possible. Earlier this month, we relaunched the podcast and made some changes to the way we create episodes on and off the mic. Not only do we now record in seasons with breaks in between but we’ve also made investments to improve the audio experience.

Adzvice Podcast Hosts -Ade and Bonita

To kick our fiftieth episode and fourth season off, we discussed some of the highs and lows we had both encountered while working on Adzvice up until now. It’s a special two part episode that details many lessons and many losses that we went through both personally and professionally in the hope that others can avoid the mistakes we made.

Here’s a summary of the key takeouts from the pod:

  • Starting small in the beginning and then expanding can never hurt. The same isn’t true for the opposite.

  • Lacking a clearly defined focus from the start and struggling to describe what you are doing is a massive red flag.

  • Listening to other people’s advice based on their own business/model may mean that you don’t do what’s right for you (and lose money in the process).

  • Work with what you have until you have the ability, resources or skills to do it at a higher level.

  • A solid brand is truly an asset but having a personal brand attached to it can be counter-productive.

  • When building a team, play people to their strengths and understand ultimately, people will never be as passionate about your ‘baby’ as you will be.

Adzvice Founder, Ade Akins
  • Being consistent goes a long way, your audience will always respect and respond favourably when you develop a system they can identify with.

  • Imitation happens, but it’s not quite flattering though.

  • Social media is a beautiful thing but it can be overwhelming. Use it to your advantage and don’t be afraid to take personal breaks from it if necessary.

  • No matter how small you may think you are, people notice. Keep building and don’t overlook your audience no matter the size.

  • People you work with early on can change on you. Don’t take it personal, it happens, just be prepared.

  • Letting your ego and emotion get in the way can cost you financially as well as affect your reputation.

  • Talk about your wins as well as your losses in equal measure. Take people on the journey, they know it’s not always a smooth one and will respect the realness.

Have a listen to the episode yourself and keep the conversation going using #AdzvicePodcast on social media. Peace and blessings.

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