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How I Did It: 7 Steps to Home Ownership

After spending the majority of my post-adolescent life believing owning property alone before the age of 30 was a myth, I recently proved myself wrong. Partly due to the fact I haven't started living in the flat properly and partly due to the fact getting on the property ladder was so flipping hard - it still hasn't hit me properly. However, It is real enough to have inspired this blog post that I hope helps you do join me.

In this blog post, I explain how I did it and the 7 steps I believe will enable you to achieve home ownership. This post will cover everything from the start of the process up until your offer has been accepted. Look out for the follow-up posts where I'll share my tips post-offer acceptance and moving in.

6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

A credit score is a rating to describe what type of borrower you are. The higher your score the more desirable you are deemed to be as this signals you can behave responsibly with credit. With a high score, you gain access to the best deals such as better interest rates on mortgages and credit cards.

Cash or Card? – How to spend money abroad wisely

Raise your hand if you’ve been a victim of some of the ruthless exchange rates and charges when travelling. Sometimes it’s due to emergency, laziness or pure bad luck that we end up paying over the odds. There are different ways to minimise these violations, including using a card or cash when abroad. The method you choose comes down to your personal preference but can go a long to making your money stretch a little further.

How to Get Better at Managing Your Personal Debt (Part 1)

Debt. A 4-letter word that carries quite a lot of weight. The management of loans and general debt is an important skill but it’s not something we’ve learnt formally in school. Wise management of debt can open a lot of doors and many benefits. However, poor management can ultimately lead you to bankruptcy, personal issues and limit your financial potential.

Economics... What's the Point? | A Brief Overview

Economics is the study of the production and consumption of goods and how wealth is transferred to produce these goods. The economy is like a big market place where all the people in the market are working, trading, interacting in a way that will benefit them. I like to describe economics as the science of choice.

4 Ways to Invest Your Money & Factors to Consider

Everyone’s attitude differs towards investments. If you are like me you’d get excited at the opportunity for a ticket to financial freedom as you effectively send your money to the gym. But perhaps you’re more reluctant to put your money into a “scheme” which may cause it to vanish overnight or maybe you’re unsure on how to invest and what it truly means to be an investor.

How to Get Better at Saving Money

If you live only once, how can you live for the moment if before that you didn’t prepare for it? Let me rephrase, when confronted with the option to spend and enjoy regardless of the consequences tomorrow versus having no guarantee of tomorrow but still preparing for it, what would you choose?