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Blogging Isn't Dead: 10 Tips for More Engaging Posts

Blog posts ain't dead. Controversial I know but I do strongly believe this. Yes, video format and audio in the form of podcasts are what’s sexy right now (and for good reason), but don't be fooled-people still read blog posts. What certainly is dying out and quickly are posts that do not engage the audience and in turn, don't follow the tips below.

As someone who owes the growing success of his brand to blogging, here are my top 10 tips to help you write more engaging blog posts.

From the Pod: The Business of Being Black (ep. 023)

In episode 023 of the #AdzvicePodcast - ‘The Business of Being Black’, Bonita and I were joined by Tobi Oredein, freelance journalist, feminist and co-founder of Black Ballad. As a founder of a black-owned business and an advocate of supporting other black-owned businesses in the UK, we knew that this conversation would be full of gems.

For Entrepreneurs: How to Use the Business Model Canvas

One pitfall many entrepreneurs fall into when they pursue an idea is rushing straight into a business plan. This was certainly one of my biggest mistakes during my start-up. The problem is you spend so much time indoors perfecting your plan thinking it’s the best but fail to engage with your customers early on. In this post, I am going to share with you an amazing tool called the Business Model Canvas and how you should use it.