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8 Treasures Found in the Gold Coast (Ghana)

8 Treasures Found in the Gold Coast (Ghana)

Contributed by: @AFIANATASHA

Ghana also known as the Gold Coast. A country filled with rich culture and a vibrant history. The place I call home. I have collected the most beautiful memories and learnt about the tales and history from which this country has come. Ghana has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Africa - if you happen to be visiting the Gold Coast be sure to check out the following: 

1) Kakum National Park

Green, the colour at the bottom of the famous Ghana flag symbolising rich forests and natural wealth. Kakum National Park is a testimony to that, a rainforest filled with earthy green tones. Get up close and personal with nature, walk amongst or above the trees on the canopy walkways. Brace yourself, it’s not as easy as you think but if you're up for an adventure or a challenge make sure you pay a visit here.


2) Cape Coast and Elmina Castle

These are in fact slave dungeons, despite their glamorous titles which may have you thinking otherwise. Both “castles” have now been converted into museums, for both the locals and the tourists to get an insight into the world of what it was like to be a slave during the horrific Atlantic Slave trade. Take a walk on the grim side of history all the way to the door of no return.


3) Lake Bosomtwe

One of the largest natural lakes in the whole of Africa. Lake Bosomtwe is so beautiful and the local tale behind the lake is even more fascinating. Situated to the east of Kumasi within the mountains which are home to around sixty different villages. You can go for a swim in the lake or enjoy a nice boat ride around the lake. 


4) Kintampo Falls and Boti Falls 

Two beautiful waterfalls in Ghana, still yet to visit! Kintampo situated in the Ashanti region and Boti in the Eastern region are definitely on the top of my to-do list. The scenery looks amazing. 


5) Manhiya Palace Museum 

What better place is there to learn about the history of the Ashanti people than the Kings Palace? Learn about the wars the  people from the Ashanti tribe fought, the large empire that spread across West Africa and the courageous Yaa Asantewaa the woman who led the victorious fight against the British. You cannot visit Kumasi without learning about the royal family and the history of the Ashanti Kingdom.


6) Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary,  where the local villagers and monkeys live alongside one another in harmony. In Ghana, tales are very popular and a part of the culture which you will hopefully discover when you visit. The villagers hold the view that the monkeys are sacred and should be protected. There is a tale behind this, which I will not spill! The monkeys are fed and looked after by the village people - to the point where they actually eat local dishes! The sanctuary is actually located right next to Kintampo falls so you can see both on the same day.


7) Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

Imagine being able to design your own coffin? sounds a bit gloomy but this is literally  the Kane Kwei workshop. Not your typical black or brown coffins. From aeroplanes to houses, you name it they have made it. Ghanaians are always attending funerals, they seem to be a big thing. Odd to me but it’s the culture. It is very artistic and different, be sure to check out these symbolic coffins. There are in fact, some coffins in the British National Museum on display.

8) Makola Market 

You cannot go to Ghana and come back empty handed! Better go prepared if you know what is best for you. Makola market is one of the many across Ghana. In every city, there is a market filled with people hustling and selling literally EVERYTHING. I mean it, everything. Yes, the newly built malls are pretty and cute but they are super expensive and they don’t actually sell everything. If you visit Ghana, make sure you pay a visit to the markets and invest your money there! Waist-beads, natural Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, headscarves, Kente the whole SHABANG it’s there and super affordable!


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