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6 Gifts to Make Someone Feel Special

6 Gifts to Make Someone Feel Special

Contributed by: @AFIANATASHA

Is it just me or are people doing way too much nowadays? 

Let's face it, the majority of us, both male and female like it when we are loved and appreciated. 

Did you know that you don't have to do the most to show your appreciation? I know right? I'm in shock too. 

I feel that, unfortunately, a lot of people are lost in the sauce. I don't know about you but I've had enough of seeing the same flowers, chocolate and a large teddy being retweeted onto my timeline. 

Do better people, be a bit more creative. Let's try giving gifts with meaning and sentimental value. 

Here are 6 gift ideas:

1. Write a love letter or poem

Get creative and let your inner poet out by writing a handwritten poem or love letter. You could go the extra mile by framing it, putting it into a bottle or posting it as a letter.

2. Create a video capturing special memories together

This is not a flipagram, I REPEAT, not a flipagram. We have had enough of those, this should be special and unique. This is not for social media, it is a gift from you to them. Unless you're familiar with editing videos this may take a while to complete but that is the whole point. Make an effort to learn so that you can create something special, that you can both sit back and watch together on your movie night.

3. Personalised keepsake memory box

Create or buy a memory box where you can hold onto your shared memories with that individual. This can be photographs, birthday cards, sentimental gifts, souvenirs etc you name it! These are actually used for Alzheimer's patients, to help remind them of significant memories.

4. Complete a relationship/friendship journal

This has got to be a favourite of mine. I met a man who was writing a journal about his experience of fatherhood to pass onto his children. It is an inexpensive way to capture and reflect on beautiful great memories. You can either buy a themed journal or empty journal then add what you want.

5. Create a Scrapbook

Creating a crapbook is fun for collating memories and ideas. Ideally, it is a more creative and visual kind of journal. You can use a scrapbook for planning towards the future with someone. Print or cut out images from a magazine and stick them into a scrapbook. These can be used alongside text a more visual form of journal. For example, some people collect train tickets and receipts of activities that they have done adding photographs and words relating to that memory or idea.

6. Book an unforgettable holiday/activity

Sentimental gifts are all about capturing memories. If you do not feel that you have many exciting memories, you can always create more. A holiday or weekend getaway would be a great way to make memories with a loved one. Alternatively, you could try something new together, this will be unforgettable as it would be an activity that is quite wild and out there. For example,  indoor skydiving, bungee jumping, helicopter ride, supercar or climb the O2 arena. Don't forget to take your camera to capture all those memories for future gifts.

.... Or you could just get keep getting the same flowers and chocolates that don’t even last ten minutes.

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