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Going Abroad Alone? 5 Packing Tips for a Solo Traveller

Going Abroad Alone? 5 Packing Tips for a Solo Traveller

Contributed by: @TeeXCI

I'm going to list 5 packing tips that are essential when you travel solo. Embarking on solo trips can be fun and daunting at the same time as I discussed in my first Adzvice blog post: Going Abroad Alone | Advice for Solo Travel. It can take time and a lot of planning to ensure a memorable trip will take place. But the dilemma arrives of what to pack for a solo getaway.


1. Pack suitable clothing

Depending on where you travel to, it's highly important that suitable clothing is packed for the climate of the destination you are visiting. FYI, wearing a tank top, shorts and flip-flops aren't ideal when visiting Moscow during the winter. 

It's also important to plan your attire accordingly to avoid overpacking clothes that won't be worn during your solo trip, especially if it's a short duration. Keep it light and simple. Don't be that person to pack 5 different outfits and 5 pairs of shoes for a solo weekend trip. Body towels can be left at home since your accommodation can provide one in most cases.

Make sure the clothing essentials are packed prior to adding extra accessories, i.e. underwear, outerwear, bottoms, tops, nightwear, comfortable footwear.


2. Keep important travel documentation safe

It's highly recommended to have important documents on you (paper form or on mobile devices) just so it's easier to contact relevant people or companies if you run into some trouble.

This includes: your passport or National Identity cards (for EU citizens), international driver's license, travel insurance paperwork, transport and accommodation booking confirmations, vaccination certificates, numbers of bank card providers and other paperwork relating to your solo trip (excursion bookings, chauffeur services, etc.)

Ensure that documentation is kept safely, either in a safe provided by the accommodation you stay in or locked away in your luggage

It's also helpful to have copies of your passport / National Identity card and contact details of credit card companies and banks in case scenarios of loss or theft arise.

3. Have necessary toiletries and medication

As a solo female traveller, having the right amount of toiletries and medication is extremely important to me when I'm abroad alone. Depending on the duration of the solo trip and the destination, it's vital that you carry enough medical supplies and toiletries to last during your getaway.

Shampoo, soap and shower gel can be forgone as most accommodations provide this (however this entirely depends on where you plan to stay). Deodorants, face and body lotions, hair products, fragrance, antibacterial gel or wipes, sanitary towels and tampons (for the ladies of course), toothpaste and toothbrush and lip balm should be included in your bag, however, this is all relative depending on what you will actually use.

Have a mini first aid kit on you and pack painkiller tablets like paracetamol and ibuprofen and medication to treat other ailments such as diarrhoea and constipation (sorry to be crude). Take good care of any prescribed medication that you take with you also. Accidents can happen and headaches can hit you easily.

4. Keep electronic products to a minimum

It's so tempting to carry all your tech items with you abroad, however, if you own a lot, it can be a real burden to carry and adds a lot of weight to your luggage.

If you own a smartphone, a laptop, a camera, a tablet, a laptop and an e-reader, instead of taking them all abroad, you could simply take 1 to 3 items, significantly reducing the weight that you have to lug around.

I personally like taking a smartphone so keep in contact with those back homes and for emergency calls, a tablet to watch films, play games or read e-books and a camera (optional) to capture amazing holiday footage.

Tech products can easily drain battery life, so investing in a portable charger is highly recommended to keep your devices going through the days and nights of the solo trip.

5. Take a solid backpack

Having a solid backpack is honestly so important when travelling solo. I prefer having my hands free from carrying a handbag or side bag. Backpacks can store so much inside (size dependent) and with the weight of the bag on your back, it won't feel heavy to carry around all day.


Ensure a good size backpack is taken with you so it will easily carry the items you'll use every day whilst abroad on your own. Be wary how you pack the backpack and where the zippers are placed due to easy pickpocketing.

Some easy advice to follow when preparing for a solo journey, whether it's the 1st or 10th trip abroad. Be sure to pack wisely, lightly and not forget the all-important essentials you need to enjoy your solo getaway!

Be sure to follow Tee's journeys on her personal blog: Tee and a Passport.

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