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4 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

4 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Contributed by: @TheFredaLee

Life is already hard as it is, so why do we (sometimes) make it harder for ourselves? Although stress will always be apart of our day-to-day to lives, however not all stress is bad. You could spend hours on end searching for advice on twitter, facebook or Quora, but instead of doing that here is some manageable ways to help you make your life easier. Allowing you to refocus and recalibrate, and also relax.

1. Chuck away items you don’t need

I believe it’s also known as ‘decluttering’ – you’ll be surprised by how much useless stuff you keep. Decluttering can take a couple of hours to do, but once you get it out the way you’ll feel a huge weight taken off your shoulders. You can dedicate a morning, afternoon, evening or even a weekend to decluttering and only keep the items that are necessary.

2. Find solutions

We tend to complain a lot and search for advice from others. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice, you should also seek to find the solutions to your problems. Some problems we face in day-to-day life can be sorted out within minutes. If you really can’t find a solution, then perhaps the situation is out your control.

3. Practice self-kindness

We’re not always nice to ourselves – how often are you gentle with yourself? Be honest.

Actively try to offer yourself compassion and grace, and this will keep your stress levels down. I know it’s difficult to be kind to yourself, especially in this world, but it’s important too.

4. Listen to hear, rather than listening to respond

Have you ever listened to someone during a conversation without butting in or injecting your comments into the conversation? We do often listen to hear, but it’s rare as we like to project our thoughts onto others. Try to actively listen to someone at least once a day, the benefits of this is that your understanding will improve as well as your communication.

This was a guest contribution by Freda. For more blogs like this and many more visit

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