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3 Ways to Bounce Back from Career Set Backs

3 Ways to Bounce Back from Career Set Backs

Contributed by: @Bola_Sol

There are many setbacks that can occur in life when we least expect it. Although we may be used to personal setbacks, professional ones can sting that much more when we are still trying to find our way through the workforce. Here are 3 ways to deal with set backs in order to come back stronger.

Setback 1: Didn't get the grades

With some employers, particular grades are required to secure an internship or even a graduate job. At times, not all of us make that grade and the easiest thing to do is to decide that you don't fit the requirements needed. This is simply not the case. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Find someone who works for that employer and reach out to him or her. See if there is anyone who managed to get in with the same grades as you and ask them how you can get their foot in the door
  • Apply for roles through their vacancy portal and work your way up to the position you wanted internally
  • Apply for the role you initially wanted. Show them how you will be an asset to the company regardless of the grades you currently hold

Setback 2: Not getting that raise

When you have been in a job for a while you may feel as though it’s time to ask for a raise. Even if you give great reasons as to why you deserve it, your manager may still find a way to say no. When you aren’t given the raise you believe you deserve, here is some guidance on how to handle it:

  • Do not change your behaviour towards the company because things didn’t turn out the way you expected. Continue to be punctual, meet deadline and produce the best quality of work
  • Get feedback as soon as possible. Find out why you were turned down for the raise and then ask for a review in 3-6 months. Once you know the reason, you can work towards getting a yes the next time a review takes place
  • Negotiate for something else other than money. It may be more study time or paying for a course or for a few days extra holiday. If you didn’t get the raise you want, turn it into the negotiation you’d like

Setback 3: Job rejection

Receiving an email or a telephone call that tells you that you weren’t successful can cause a decline in your confidence. Rejection can be used as a learning curve as opposed to being associated with defamation of character. The best ways to handle this are:

  • Gain feedback as quickly as possible or ask for feedback to be given to you once you hear their decision. There may be something you need to work on or maybe you were perfect for the job but they decided to hire internally. It’s worth asking for feedback so you know where to improve.
  • Remember that this isn’t personal. It’s important to remember that when employers are hiring they are looking for a specific criteria and not a specific person
  • Reflect on what you feel could have done better. Self evaluation is vital and if you can find a way to improve before being told, you may always be one step ahead

It is usually the set backs in life that give us a chance to reflect and grow. Continuous success is not the greatest teacher so be pleased for the lessons you have learned when things didn’t go as expected.

This post was written by Bola Sol/Bola Sol is the founder of Refined Currency

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