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3 Steps for Building a Clear and Purposeful Brand

3 Steps for Building a Clear and Purposeful Brand

Contributed by Adé Akins 

In a post on my newly launched medium page, I explained in detail why the Adzvice team took the decision to create two new sub-brands: Adzvice for You and Adzvice for Brands (read here).

Adzvice for You

This area of the brand gives tips worth sharing that will hopefully add value to your personal lives. Expect to find content such as the UniAdzvice series, advice for managing money, guidance for growing your career and top travel tips.

Adzvice for Brands

The other side of Adzvice is dedicated for the many entrepreneurs and creatives who are growing their own brands and platforms. Here, you’ll find content such as the Entrepreneur series and marketing and branding content such as this article.

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find out exactly what prompted these changes right in my medium post.

"That's cool, but why am I here?"

Apart from showing off our shiny new logos and keeping you up to date, I wanted to share some Adzvice for those currently facing their own brand challenges. Perhaps you are not sure where next to take it or you’re worried your proposition isn’t clear? The following 3 steps are the components that made up the Adzvice brand review and hopefully can help yours too.

Firstly things first, before you can carry out this review, it’s important to understand what your brand challenges are. Once that’s been called out, you’re ready to begin the review.

Step 1 - Reflect and critique

In the first instance, you should draw or list out on a piece of paper, what it is that your brand represents. What do you do and how well do you do it? Be as objective as possible, getting an unbiased opinion from your target market or a complete stranger is advised here.

3 Steps for Building a Clear and Purposeful Brand

Once completed, you should be in a place to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In theory, it should become possible to see how these relate to the brand challenges you’ve called out.

Step 2 - Remember the why

It’s all too possible to forget the reason behind why you do what you do. What is it that drove you to pursue your current venture and why do you feel it’s valuable? Central to this is: 

a) being confident of your mission - why do you exist?

b) where do you want to be in the short to long-term?

I’m sure you’ve all watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on the importance of why, it links to this point brilliantly.

Step 3 - Keep it simple, stupid!

Once you’ve carried out the previous steps you may be tempted to conclude you’ve got it all sussed out now. It’s certainly clear for you but how simple to grasp is it for your intended audience?

office-phone-coffee-table-162441.jpeg3 Steps for Building a Clear and Purposeful Brand

You should be able to articulate your brand proposition to a stranger in the lift or to your grandparent who just about knows how to use Whatsapp. My point is that thinking audience-first and understanding how they view and interact with your brand is key for setting your brand up for long-term growth.

If any aspect of your brand works for you but isn’t really suitable or clear for your audience, change it! Make the user experience/customer journey as seamless as possible, why make it hard for them to purchase your products or enjoy your services?

Final thoughts

I hope you find these steps are helpful when you are reviewing your own brand in an attempt to overcome your challenges. Given that some challenges may not fit this framework entirely, I am sure there’s something you can take from it. Do leave a comment or contact me to discuss your particular challenges as I offer private consultations.


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