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3 Essential Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Download | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

3 Essential Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Download | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

Contributed by @__Pedro0o

Stepping out of your comfort zone is important as an Entrepreneur. When embarking on a new journey, it is often difficult to find and make connections with people that can support you. We have all heard "Your network is your net worth" and rightfully so. Thus, people are invaluable assets at every stage of your personal journey. It is important to be surrounded by individuals who will provide adequate and specific guidance, insight and motivation tailored to your needs. 

However, it is also important to develop knowledge to fuel discussions within these relationships. 

From my personal experience, I can tell you more than a million reasons why it is important to build a solid network. Instead, I am going to provide you with some resources that will help to facilitate and place you in the right environment where relevant and valuable relationships can be built. Here are three apps that have helped me foster rewarding relationships and fuelled the entrepreneurial spirit within me.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online event platform that allows you to purchase tickets for events such as conferences, festivals and much more. 

When I was thinking of starting a business, I had zero experience or knowledge on how to do it. My sister encouraged me to attend business seminars at university, and that was how I started using Eventbrite to find different local start-up seminars that were relevant to my needs at the time. This helped me understand business insights, ranging from creating a minimum viable product, developing a business plan to networking with other entrepreneurs. I could get a lot of knowledge and insight without physically studying a business-related course or degree. It was faster, cheaper and a lot more relevant to today’s business environment. 

2. Meetup

Meetup is similar to Eventbrite but to me, it has more of a community vibe. It allows you to connect with people by simply joining a group that interests you. 

ast year I attended my first indoor drone-racing event through Meetup. From this, I learnt the importance of being part of a community where common interests are shared. As a result of this experience, I founded the Leeds Drone Club in March to create a community for drone enthusiasts like myself. This has helped me become more active within the industry, attending tradeshows, building drone workshops and participating in discussions. If I can find a drone community, believe me, whatever interests you, you will find a group on Meetup.

3. E-Learning websites* 

Ok, I lied about it being three apps, this one isn't an app although some of the websites have an app on iOS and Android. On this Entrepreneurial journey, it's important to take time out to develop skills you may not have or simply need to improve on. I use multiple e-learning websites relevant to my need at any particular time.

For example, when I wanted to build a cheap prototype for my startup, I bought an Arduino kit and used a course on Udemy to start with mini projects. I was able to learn the basics of robotics and coding which allowed me to build my own prototype eventually. 

*Lynda; Udemy; Udacity; FutureLearn; edX & Skillshare

Image was taken from my drone

Image was taken from my drone

Final words

Always go prepared before attending any event. Make a list of questions, take a notepad or voice record the speaker sessions and always carry a business card if you have one and be ready to share and collect from other people too. With regards to E-Learning, maximise all the free tools and courses till you are certain you need to pay.

Enjoy the journey and the growth as you develop but stay focused. As the CEO of Card Factory told me "Success needs careful planning", this is the first step in ensuring that. 

Joshua Pedro

Twitter: @_Pedro0o

3 Essential Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Download | Adzvice for Entrepreneurs

Editor's note: This is the second instalment of the Adzvice for Entrepreneurs series, you should read the first part - Maintaining Your Motivation.

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