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It's Been 12 Months, So Here's 12 Tips Worth Sharing - #AdzviceTurns1

It's Been 12 Months, So Here's 12 Tips Worth Sharing - #AdzviceTurns1

Contributed by Bonita, Natasha and Adé 

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary as the you know and surely love today, the team at the Adzvice Hub wanted to give you a present. As sending a slice of cake to all of you would have been a bit messy (not to mention, highly impractical and expensive), we brought you some #tipsworthsharing instead.

12 important lessons each member of the team has learned over the past 12 months that you can learn from.

Bonita - Social Media Manager


1. Growth does not happen in your comfort zone!

Do something that scares you! You'll never know if you never try.

2. Social media shouldn’t be an afterthought

When it comes to a business's marketing strategy, if executed well, social media can help you reach new audiences and meet KPI’s (key performance indicators).

3. Quality over quantity when it comes to building an audience

Do not focus on the number of followers. An engaged audience will always trump the big number of followers any account has.

4. Content is KING

Whether it be created, curated or user-generated, make sure your content creates a connection with your audience.

Natasha - Contributor Manager

5. Contribute outside of your own blog or platform

This expands your reach as it drives traffic to your own personal blog or social media account.

Not only that, it also helps build an authentic audience as the said audience is not obliged to support you - the support is genuine.

6. Put respect on anything you put your name on

If you do contribute or work on other projects outside of your own things, treat it with the same care and quality you would normally. It’s your name at stake at the end of the day.

7. Time is valuable

Be intentional about how you spend your time - you cannot do everything. Learn to say no sometimes, it’s necessary! Take care of yourself and remember sleeping is a form of self-care -make sure you’re not overworking.  In line with the above point, manage your time so you can provide quality work in whatever you do, wherever you do it.

8. Criticism aids growth

Do not take things personally. Criticism provided it is constructive, is really helpful. Try as much as possible to seek feedback on where you can improve and perfect how to deliver it to others with the positive intent you’re trying to get across.

Adé - Founder


9.  Find your tribe

No matter how weird, wacky and alone you may feel, there are at least a few other people who are scaringly similar to you. Hands down, Twitter has opened my eyes to this and I thank it continuously for not only showing me more about myself but also finding my tribe and identifying the qualities in people I really value.

10. Speak things into existence - positive mindset is key

I have put in quite a lot of work into being positive after years of being somewhat of a pessimist. It’s really underestimated how hard it can be but also how easy it can be- if you make the conscious effort. If you want to achieve something really bad you have to speak it into existence. You’ll amaze yourself with what unfolds for you.

11. Consistency is everything

You have to keep going and don’t let anything deter you. It may seem like you’re going at a snail’s pace but I promise you, if you throw enough things at the wall, eventually something sticks. Please do not start/stop. start/stop, give yourself or your ventures time to flourish.

12 Everyone has tips worth sharing

You don’t need to have ‘made it’ to share gems of wisdom- Adzvice exists to prove just that! We really need to keep sharing the knowledge amongst our peers as no matter how trivial, unimportant or niche it may be to you, there’s someone, somewhere desperately in need of your adzvice.

"The biggest thing I've learned, though, is that the mistake of youth is thinking that the mentors you need are older than you...What changes your life is your peers." - Scooter Braun


Final thoughts

No matter if you are a blogger, entrepreneur or just a casual reader, we’re sure there’s something to take from what these 12 tips. Thank you so much for your support across the last year and we look forward to many more. This is just the beginning, please continue to join us on the journey!

Peace and blessings from the Adzvice Team. 

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