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10 Top Tips for Making Yourself Look Employable to Employers

10 Top Tips for Making Yourself Look Employable to Employers

Contributed by Louise Danquah

Making sure you look employable to employers can sometimes be difficult, especially when you don’t know what the employer is looking for. But fret not because as someone who works in recruitment, I have 10 great tips and tricks that can help you stand out from the crowd. 

1. CV structure

A lot of individuals struggle to piece together a good CV and as a result, they fail to meet the expectations of what a potential employer is looking for. In the hope of making sure this doesn’t happen to you, there are several job boards such as REED, CV library and Indeed that offer free templates that help you to structure yours brilliantly. The better your CV looks the more likely you are to get a response from your potential employer.

2. Calling potential employers

Another great tip for making yourself look employable is calling up the companies you have applied for. As an internal recruiter myself, candidates that call in to inquire about job opportunities are likely to get an interview as not only does it show diligence it shows confidence and boldness. In my opinion, for someone to do this really sets them apart from every other candidate that walks through the door.

3. Managing and attending interviews

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage the number of interviews you have which is a good thing. However not showing up to an interview is something that leaves a bad taste in employer’s mouth. The number of arrangements an employer must do for interviews to take place requires time, patience as well as money. If you are not able to turn up, make sure you email or call the employer to let them know that you no longer want to attend for whatever reason it is. 

4. Email address

As a candidate, having an email address that isn’t professional can stop you from receiving a response from an employer. Professionalism is everything and an email address such as is not the optimal choice. <First Name>, <Last Name>, <@ email provider> is a much safer choice.

5. Feedback

Asking for feedback is important especially if you want to find out how well you have done in an interview. Consider it this way, once you find out what you have and haven’t done well, you can use that information to better yourself for your future employers. Having an idea of what employers want, greatly increase the chance of you getting the position you want.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for not only employers but you. Including your LinkedIn profile on your CV can give employers a better scope of what experience you have, what your interests are, who you’re connected with and most importantly if you would be suitable for the role. Ensure that your linked in profile is up to date and being used actively because guess what? You never know who could be watching!

7. Body language

When you arrive at your interview, make sure you smile, give a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact throughout. I call these 3 body gestures as the 'Power 3' because it gives the employer a great first impression of you from the beginning of your interview through to the end.

8. Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude throughout your interview and asking the right amount of questions stands out to an employer. This is because employers can read whether you really want the job and by displaying this through your attitude will cause you to stand out from other candidates.

9. Preparation

It is so important that you prepare for your interview because employers can distinguish between who has prepared for their interview and who hasn’t. If you are nervous and stumbling over questions employers will view this as lack of confidence and would therefore think that you aren’t suitable for the position. Being prepared makes you less likely to be nervous as well as avoiding you forgetting the important things you need to say. 

10. Positivity

Being positive makes you a really good candidate to an employer. Employers like to see that individuals have the determination to preserve even when the situation is stressful. Being able to handle adversity and issues that come with work starts off from your interview and allowing your positivity to show through is an indication to the employer that you can remain calm, cool and collected if some sort of issue were to arise in your new job.

Following these tips will help you to not only look more employable but potentially land your dream job.

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