From the Pod: The Business of Being Black (ep. 023)

In episode 023 of the #AdzvicePodcast - ‘The Business of Being Black’, Bonita and I were joined by Tobi Oredein, freelance journalist, feminist and co-founder of Black Ballad. As a founder of a black-owned business and an advocate of supporting other black-owned businesses in the UK, we knew that this conversation would be full of gems.

How to Get Better at Public Speaking

Speaking and presenting is a key part of my job, and if I really want to progress in the media industry I need to be able to impress with my presenting and public speaking. I have clients who need to see a confident person running their social media channels, not believing in myself will only cause others to not believe in me. The whole point of public speaking is to get people to buy into what you are saying, right?

Here are five things I did to conquer my fear of public speaking:

How to Ace Your Dissertation

It is by no surprise that the idea of completing a dissertation is extremely daunting to most. I started my final year looking at my dissertation from every angle, scratching my head, figuring out how I would tackle the 10,000-word monster before me. As impossible as the task seemed, I made it through to the other side, distinguishing with the highest dissertation mark in my entire year group. 

The Importance of Feedback

Receiving feedback is always daunting, whether it be professionally or personally. Hearing someone critique your performance, personality traits or general character is unnerving but oh so necessary to personal development. 

You need it to grow, so recognising this, the key is to command how you receive and process it. Primarily, you must optimise the context, such that you are comfortable asking for feedback and confident that it will be beneficial for your growth. 

Mentoring Series Part 1 - The Significance of a Mentor

A mentor is someone entrusted to support and guide you through your journey in life. Many mentors have had relevant life experiences which make them suitable to counsel and advise without spoon-feeding us. This is to stimulate our thinking and allow us to become individuals who can make sound and well-informed choices. Here are reasons why it is beneficial to build a mentor and mentee relationship:

For Entrepreneurs: How to Use the Business Model Canvas

One pitfall many entrepreneurs fall into when they pursue an idea is rushing straight into a business plan. This was certainly one of my biggest mistakes during my start-up. The problem is you spend so much time indoors perfecting your plan thinking it’s the best but fail to engage with your customers early on. In this post, I am going to share with you an amazing tool called the Business Model Canvas and how you should use it.

It's Been 12 Months, So Here's 12 Tips Worth Sharing - #AdzviceTurns1

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary as the you know and surely love today, the team at the Adzvice Hub wanted to give you a present. As sending a slice of cake to all of you would have been a bit messy (not to mention, highly impractical and expensive), we brought you some #tipsworthsharing instead.

12 important lessons each member of the team has learned over the past 12 months that you can learn from.

3 Reasons why the Most Successful People Read

There are people who have dedicated their professional lives to discovering the secrets of successful people. And although there are variations in all of their findings, the impact of reading remains a common denominator amongst highly influential people.

While I am an academic (and proud), so much of what I have learned has occurred outside of the classroom or lecture hall.

So, here are three reasons why the most successful people read.

6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

A credit score is a rating to describe what type of borrower you are. The higher your score the more desirable you are deemed to be as this signals you can behave responsibly with credit. With a high score, you gain access to the best deals such as better interest rates on mortgages and credit cards.

Men, 5 Things You Should Remember When You're Not Feeling 'Okay'

On Wednesday 8th November, the adzvice team and I had the honour of creating the first ‘Let’s Talk’ event -a safe and comfortable space for honest conversation with like-minded men with good food and drinks thrown in for good measure. I was inspired to write this blog post following the great feedback received. As men, I feel we often internalise our feelings and as a result, can lead to feeling awful.

Here are five things to remember the next time you aren’t feeling okay, as told by someone who understands what it’s like.

A Beginner’s Guide to Branding

Being someone with a First Class Marketing degree and several years in the marketing world, it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows why branding is important. In fact, not everyone even knows what a brand is! In this post, I will address both of these points and hopefully up-skill you with some simple-to-follow adzvice that changes how you perceive branding and the role it plays in your business.